The Tasmanian Honey Company began in 1978 as the concept of Julian Wolfhagen, a beekeeper with a profound passion for Tasmania, its wild forests and the honey that they produce. The success of  The Tasmanian Honey Company has largely been built on passion for, and their commitment to the production of wild and uncompromised leatherwood honey, which we like to think of as the distillate of the wilderness.

Why our The Tasmanian Honey Company honey is different?

The extracting and packing temperature is maintained below 45C, ensuring that the flavour and health benefits of our honey remain uncompromised.
They have perfected the art of creating a fine, soft candied honey that is easy to drizzle, and has wonderful mouth feel. Candied honey is your guarantee that the product has not been diluted with syrup or over heated.

The Tasmanian Honey Company honey contains no additives.

It is wild honey, sourced from a pristine environment and packaged with minimal handling.

  • New 250g Honeyeater Leatherwood
  • New 250g Honeyeater Meadow
  • New 250g Honeyeater Eucalyptus
  • New 250g Honeyeater Christmas Bush
  • New 100g Leatherwood Chocolate Coated Scorched Almonds
  • New 130g Leatherwood Beeswax Furniture Polish
  • New 500g P.E.T. Manuka base
  • New 500g P.E.T. Manuka 100+
  • New 250g P.E.T. Manuka base
  • New 250g P.E.T. Manuka 30+
  • New 250g P.E.T. Manuka 100+
  • New 250g P.E.T. Manuka 300+
  • New 150g P.E.T. Manuka 500+
  • New100g Leatherwood Honeydrops
  • New 500g P.E.T. Leatherwood Active 14+
  • 350g. Printed Metal Can – Leatherwood, Meadow, Christmas Bush
  • 400g – Jar – Christmas Bush
  • 20g Portion Leatherwood
  • 750g. Printed Metal Can – Leatherwood, Meadow, Christmas Bush
  • 2kg. Printed Metal Can – Leatherwood, Meadow
  • 50g Jars – Leatherwood, Meadow, Eucalyptus, Choc, Ginger, Orange
  • Packs of 3x50g. Jars – Plain (Leatherwood, Meadow, Eucalyptus)
  • Packs of 3x50g jar Nouveau (Chocolate, Orange, Ginger)
  • 400g. Nouveau Honey in Jars – Choc, Orange, Ginger
  • 400g. Jars – Leatherwood, Meadow, Eucalyptus, Christmas bush
  • 500g. P.E.T. Jars Leatherwood, Meadow
  • 1kg. P.E.T. Jars Leatherwood, Meadow
  • Leatherwood Honey Twirlers
  • Leatherwood Honey Straws
  • 100g Manuka Honey Drop Lollies
  • Lipbalm – Leatherwood, Raspberry, Vanilla